PROFUMO project

 Aim of the project
The two-year project PRO.F.U.MO. “Innovazione di PROdotto e di processo per la valorizzazione delle Filiere frUtticole di MOntagna” (Lombardy Region PSR 2014–2020, op. 2.16.01) aims to develop innovative products from apples and blueberries fruit that can diversify Valtellina’s fruit production and support the income of the mountain farms.
The project evaluates two apple cultivars: (the scab-resistant 'Bernina', recently obtained by the University of Bologna, and the red-fleshed 'Red Moon') and a newly introduced blueberry cultivar (Peachy Blue), along the supply chain from field to table.
The fruits will be produced in an eco-sustainable way, and the best storage conditions (atmosphere, temperature) will be assessed. Protocols will be developed for a wide range of processed products, such as; fresh-cut apples; an apple-based nectar (super-nectar); dehydrated apple and blueberry products, both with conventional methods and with an innovative eco-sustainable solar dryer equipped with photovoltaic panels. Two functional foods will also be studied: a "super-nectar" fermented with lactic acid bacteria and a "super-nectar" fermented with whey.
Instrumental and sensory quality and food safety will be evaluated for each type of product. Additionally, the nutraceutical aspects of the new processed products, such as their antioxidant potential and phenolic content, will be assessed. As the demand for healthy food increases more and more, these products have great potential to be successful in the market and to support local farms financially.

The social cooperative "Il Sentiero", which is based in Talamona (SO), leads the project, while the CREA-Engineering and agro-food processing of Milan (Dr. Marina Buccheri) has the scientific responsibility. The other partners are: the Fojanini Foundation of Sondrio, the "Melavì" cooperative of Ponte in Valtellina, the "latteria di Chiuro" and the "Valtartano" farm.





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